Test Examination-English Second paper

Test Examination-2021

Subject: English Second paper

Time: 3 hours                                             Full Marks- 100

N.B The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Part-A Grammar (40 marks)

  1. Complete the following passage with a suitable verb from the box. Put them incorrect tense. Use negatives if necessary.

[Bound, put, hope, forget, break, face, disappear.]

Adversity and misfortune in human life are all temporary. They will (a) —–. this is the law of nature. Fortune and happiness are (b) —– to follow them. We must (c) —– these. We all (d) —– difficulties with courage and should (e) —– for the brighter period.

  1. Put suitable prepositions in the blanks.

(a) ———- all her sincerity, the nurse was attending (b) ———- the patient even knowing that her effort (c) ———- keeping the man alive might end (d) ———- make, as doctors of the board also thought the case as almost a cry (e) —– the wilderness.

  1. Insert article where necessary. Put a cross (´) where the article is not needed.

Once (a) ———- poet (b) ———- words worth was wandering when he suddenly saw a great number (c) ———- daffodils beside the take. Stretching along (d) —– shore of (e) —– bay. They looked as enormous as (f) ———- stars in (g) ———- marks the way. (h) ———- daffodils were fluttering and dancing so gaily in (i) ———- breeze. That even (j) ———- dancing waves glittering in the sunshine seemed to be pale in comparison.

  1. Fill in the blanks with suitable linking words from the list.

[similarly, therefore, firstly, finally, but, besides, that]

The paragraph and the essay are different from each other. (a) —– there are some simi ———- parities between then. (b) —– the paragraph has a topic sentence to introduce the main idea. Secondly, it has a number of sentences in the middle to develop that main idea. (c) —– there is a concluding sentence in it to bring the main idea to a loss (d) —– the essay also sunsets of a beginning, a middle, and an end. It is, (e) —–, obvious that the paragraph and the essay share some common features in respect of the construction.

  1. Rewrite the following in the separated speech.

“What are you doing now, jack?” I said. “I’m watching an interesting television program” “Aren’t you wasting your time?” I said, “No, I don’t think so,” He said.

  1. Read the passage and transform the underlined sentences.

Today corruption is a very familiar term in Bangladesh. (a) Corruption is the most dangerous weapon to destroy a society. (positive) (b) It lies in every phase of our society (complex). (c) Some drastic steps have been taken against corruption. (active). (d) The persons in the high rank of the society are involved in corruption and have become millionaires through corruption (simple). (e) Social awareness is very essential to resist corruption (complex).

  1. Add tag questions to the following statements.

(a) He sat by me, —–?

(b) It scarcely rains in winter, —–?

(c) Neither of them did it, —–?

(d) What he says is true, —–?

(e) Running in the sun is not good for health, —–?

  1. Complete the following sentence.

(a) It is high time —–.

(b) It is many years since —–.

(c) A child which is burnt —–.

(d) If you lent me some money —–.

(e) He was so tired —–.

Part-B composition (60 marks)

  1. Write a paragraph on the following topic. Your answer should macule the answer to the following questions.

“A school Magazine”

(a) What is a school magazine?

(b) How is it published?

(c) What are its benefits?

(d) How can you contribute to it?

(e) It is not published regularly. What are your recommendations to publish it regularly?

10.Suppose, you are the students of I deal school and college, Naogaon. Every year after the test exam S.S.C candidates go on the excursion. This year your test exam is over and you want to go on an excursion. Now write an application to the Headteacher praying for permission.10

  1. Write a short composition on any one of the following topics.

The Game you like most.

or, A Memorable day in my life.

  1. Write a dialogue between you and your younger brother about the use and abuse of mobile phones.
  2. Read the following beginning of the story and complete it. Give a suitable title to it.

Robin has just completed his graduation and master’s. He has not got any job yet. Some of his friends serve in Dhaka. So, he came to Dhaka with the hope that his friends would help him in getting a job….