2nd Terminal Examination English First paper

2nd Terminal Examination-2021

Class- Nine

Sub: English First paper

 [N.B- The figures in the margin indicate full marks]

Part-A (seen comprehension)

Read the passage carefully and answer the following questions:

Very few people realize the amount of work that a teacher has to do. A teacher not only has to take classes but also has to assess students’ test and exam scripts after class hours. Also, you have to study and be aware of the latest findings and developments in the field of teaching. and development in the field of teaching.

In the University teaching profession, a good postgraduate degree from a well-known university is essential for a better career path. However, you can develop as a teacher by doing refresher courses from time to time, by doing study and research, and most importantly by co-operating with your colleagues.

Opportunities for professional development exist equally for everyone in teaching. yet due to social and family circumstances, it often becomes difficult for women to take them. Thus they fall behind in the merit race. It is not that easy for a woman to leave her family and home behind in order to receive training abroad, even sometimes within the country.

The most important thing in any women’s successful career is the support she gets from her family. This is something that can make or break her career.

Things are definitely changing though the change is slow and there is much scope for improvement. The new generations of women in the workplace seem more assertive and confident in the work. They are more organized and have a lot more courage than what we had in our day. I feel that the new generation of women can go far into their careers as they now have more confidence in themselves.

  1. Choose the best answer from the alternatives.

(a) What can break a women’s career?

(i) family support (ii) non-co-operating family (iii) co-operation with colleagues (iv) qualifications

(b) A teacher has to keep himself ¾ after regular class hours.

(i) free (ii) attentive (iii) delighted (iv) busy

(c) Everyone ¾ equal opportunity in teaching.

(i) feels (ii) enjoys (iii) achieved (iv) enjoyed

(d) The new generation women are ¾.

(i) willing (ii) devote (iii) confident (iv) confidence

(e) A teacher has to do ¾ work.

(i) a little (ii) little (iii) immense (iv) less

  1. Write true or false. If false, give the correct answer.

(a) A teacher has to perform a great deal of work.

(b) Most of the people are in the know of the amount of work that a teacher does.

(c) Women of present-day are insured of themselves.

(d) In the teaching profession everyone faces discrimination.

(e) Social as well as family support is not a must for a woman in the  teaching.

  1. Fill in each gap in the following passage with a suitable word from the box. There are more words in the box than necessary.
concentrate light tedious each work realm
profession scripts improve possible degree adopted

Women who have (a) ¾¾ teaching as a (b) ¾¾ are able to look after their home and also (c) ¾¾ in their career. This is (d) ¾¾ because a teacher has to spend not more than 5-6 hours in their (e) ¾¾ place. But this does not mean that their work is very (f) ¾¾ and easy. In fact, they have to bring their work home after (g) ¾¾ exam. Assessment to examination (h) ¾¾ at times could be very (i) ¾¾. To be a good teacher has to aware of the development in the (j) ¾¾ of teaching.

  1. Read the passage in ‘A’ again. Now write a paragraph based on the information about “Working women.” Use the clues in the box below. Write the information in a logical sequence as it appears in the text. The paragraph should not exceed 70 words.
equal – not easy – change – can go far – family
  1. Answer the following questions.

(a) What is essential to be a varsity teacher?

(b) What do most people think about teaching?

(c) How according to the speaker can one develop as a teacher?

(d) Why does the speaker feel that the new generation of women can go far into their careers?

(e) Why does a woman fall behind in her career?

  1. Fill in each gap with a suitable word of your own, based on the information from the text in the passage ‘A’.

Usually a working women faces (a) ¾¾ problem at (b) ¾¾ and outside. She has to (c) ¾¾ to establish (d) ¾¾ as a career person. When a women (e) ¾¾ up a career she has to (f) ¾¾ with a number of things. Firstly other people might not (g) ¾¾ what she is doing. Secondly, she might not be (h) ¾¾ equally at the workplace. Thirdly and (i) ¾¾ of all, her family does not (j) ¾¾ her.

  1. Suppose you are a female teacher. Write in about 70-80 words what advantages and disadvantages you are getting in your profession.
  2. Write the main ideas of the passage in five sentences in your own words.

Part-B (Vocabulary Test)

  1. Fill in each gap with a suitable word from the box. There are more words than necessary.
encourage science girl learn think art
children martial system taught absence life

The school (a) ¾¾ in Japan is totally different from ours. From the very beginning, the (b) ¾¾ of the school are taught math’s and (c) ¾¾ with special importance. They never (d) ¾¾ of (e) ¾¾ from school. Besides they practice (f) ¾¾ arts at school. The school children including (g) ¾¾ can practice the Martial Arts (h) ¾¾ to (i) ¾¾ self-discipline. So, they can (j) ¾¾ a complete picture of life from the very beginning.

  1. Complete the following passage using suitable words. Use only one word for each gap.

People do not eat the (a) ¾¾ food all over the world. It varies from a place (b) ¾¾ place. The eating habit of the (e) ¾¾ of a country depends largely (d) ¾¾ geographical position, climate, and soil. It means that the (e) ¾¾ of food that people eat depend on (f) ¾¾ they can grow or afford to buy (g) ¾¾ other countries. For example people in the tropical countries (h) ¾¾ a lot of fruits and vegetables which (l) ¾¾ abundantly in there (j) ¾¾.

Part-C (Writing Test)

  1. Read the following table and make ten meaningful sentences.
John Milton


His wife





was born





in London on 9 December 1608.
most of his boyhood in this city.
to Cambridge for study in 1625
his M.A. from Cambridge in 1631.
in a professional study from 1932-38
his foreign tour in 1938 to mound his cultural and poetic mind.
Mary Powell in 1640.
him three daughters.
a second wife in 1656.
  1. Rearrange the following sentences according to sequence and re-write them in a paragraph.

(a) The king asked the astrologer how long he wanted to live.

(b) He was very fond of knowing his future from the astrologers.

(c) But another thought had crossed his mind. before the astrologer was removed for execution.

(d) The astrologer told him something unpleasant.

(e) He condemned him to death.

(f) The kind called on him.

(g) At this the king got furious.

(h) He wanted to know about his future from him.

(i) A famous astrologer happened to stop at his capital.

(j) Once there was a king.

  1. Imagine you enjoyed a film recently, Now write a paragraph in about 100-120 words answering the following question.

(a) What was the occasion?

(b) Name the film you enjoyed?

(c) What was the theme of the film?

(d) How much did you enjoy the field?

(e) What was your feeling?

  1. Suppose you are Rubel of 30, college Road Mymensingh. Your friend is very weak in English. Now, write a letter to your friend Anik who lives at 10, Airport Road Cox’s Bazar, telling him about the necessity of learning English.

Or, Write a composition on “Female education”.